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brian kellySince 1995 Brian has supported effective use of Web technologies across the UK’s higher education community, initially as senior trainer at Netskills then, for over 16 years, as UK Web Focus at UKOLN and, more recently, as Innovation Advocate at Cetis. After working as a Web and technology adviser for the UK’s higher and further education communities since 1996 Brian Kelly is now an independent consultant.  This web site provides details of Brian’s consultancy work, access to the UK Web Focus blog and links to Brian’s papers and presentations.

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IWMW logoIWMW 2015 , the 19th in the series of institutional web management workshops, took place at Edge Hill University on 27-29 July. The timetable for the event is available.

Although the event is over the IWMW 2015 Lanyrd entry is being updated with links to speakers’ slides, reports on the event, etc.


Brian Kelly truly inspires thought and action toward the future. I had the pleasure of seeing Brian present live and I was blown away by his work on innovation and how well he wove the practical into the thought provoking. Joe Murphy

Library Futures Consultant

Brian is a remarkable individual. He combines detailed knowledge of the technologies used in higher and further education with enthusiasm, but tempers this with a real understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of that technology, and where it is best applied or not applied. He is a skilled presenter and writes in a fluent and approachable style. He won’t remember this, but he is the man who introduced me to Twitter many years ago! He will be an outstanding consultant. Charles Oppenheim


I have worked with Brian both in the capacity of a speaker and attendee at the events he has managed and as a colleague at the University of Bath. He is extremely knowledgable and has an infectious passion for what he does. I have personally learnt a great deal from Brian about the way technology can be utilised particularly by academics. He is fantastic at sharing ideas and encouraging debate and his blog is regularly cited as the place to look for the latest thinking in the technology sphere for HE.   Alison Kerwin

Director of Strategic Marketing and Digital Communications at University of York

I first met Brian in 1997 when I idly attended a course on HTML that he was delivering. I was not to know at the time that this would act as a catalyst for me to change my entire vocation. Meanwhile, Brian was busy establishing a nationwide network of education web professionals which flourishes to this day. This network and its associated conferences and subgroups has sustained and developed my career and that of many others. Brian’s relentless enthusiasm and embracing of change is infectious and the value he has delivered to the sector is immeasurable.   Mike McConnell

Business Applications Manager, University of Aberdeen

UK Web Focus blog

Feedback on #IWMW15 (and Plans for #IWMW16)

About IWMW 2015 IWMW 2015, the 19th annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, took place from 27-29th July at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk. As described last year in a post on Reflections on #IWMW14 the event is undergoing a transformation: after 17 years of...

Reflections on #IWMW15

About IWMW 2015 IWMW 2015, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, took place at Edge Hill University of 27-29 July. Following the recent series of guest posts from participants at the event this is the first of two posts which provide the event...

Guest post: Reflections on IWMW 2015 from Emma Cragg

IWMW 2015, the 19th annual Institutional Web Management Workshop, took place recently at Edge Hill University. In this, the first guest blog post about the event Emma Cragg gives her thoughts from the perspective as a first-timer at the event. At the end of July I...

Is Wikipedia Relevant to University Web Managers?

Areas Apparently Not Being Addressed By Web Managers Yesterday in a post entitled “Pondering the Online Legacy of my Work” I described how two recent Facebook messages highlighted areas which appear not to be being addressed widely across the web...

“Pondering the Online Legacy of my Work”

Neglected Areas for Web Managers? Yesterday I came across two posts in my Facebook stream which addressed areas which appear to be neglected by those with responsibilities for providing institutional web services. In the first of two posts I comment on...

Time To Update Web Accessibility Policies?

Institutional Web Accessibility Policies What type of policies do institutions provide on the accessibility of corporate web sites? This question is very relevant to the workshop session on “BS 8878: Systematic Approaches to Documenting Web Accessibility...

Finalising Plans for IWMW 2015

IWMW 2015: A Recap The 19th in the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop series, IWMW 2015, will take place at Edge Hill University on 27-29 July. The event is aimed at members of institutional web management teams, who have responsibilities for managing...

Cloud Storage – for Use by Individuals

Providing Advice to the Members of the University of the Third Age In my recent post on Life After Cetis: the Launch of the UK Web Focus Consultancy I described “I am also intending to carry out a limited amount of pro bono work, such as the talk on use of Cloud...

LinkedIn for Higher Education

LinkedIn For Web Professions Many web and digital marketing professionals will have their own LinkedIn profiles. My initial use of LinkedIn was to provide my list of professional contacts, which would be updated as my contacts maintained and developing their profile...

The Future: Competition or Collaboration?

The Changing Political and Economic Environment I suspect that many readers of this blog with, like me, have been very disappointed at the General Election results. The Government is now determined to continue its austerity measures and impose further cuts on public...

Guest Post: Making Usability Testing Agile

At this year’s IWMW 2015 event Neil Allison, the User Experience Manager at the University of Edinburgh will facilitate a half-day master class on “Usability Testing in an Agile Development Process“. In this guest post Neil summarises the approaches...