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The com blogger service has an automated filter for spam sent to blog comments. I’ve looked at the records for the first time. Akismet has blocked 271 spam comments since the blog was set up (about 11 weeks ago). I’ve checked the records for the last 15 days (after this period, the spam comments are automatically deleted) and found only one legitimate comment which was treated as spam (which I’ve restored).

So thank you, Askimet – this is a very valuable tool. I guess such tools will be needed for all blogs with well-know APIs and which are open to comments. Note that the sofwtare can be installed on a range of blog applications, and there is a discount for education institutions (although it might be expensive for large numbers of blogs).

I don’t think I’ll have time to check through the records looking for legitimate comments, so I think the responsibility will be on anyone commenting, to ensure the posting gets through the spam filter – and to contact me if the comment doesn’t appear. (Note that if you give an email address, the comment should be posted straight away, whereas if you don’t include an email address, I’ll need to manually approve the submission).


  1. I’ve just disovered three valid comments which were could be the spam trapper – one by James Brown, one by Roddy MacLeod and the other by me!

    I’ve tried to recover these comments.

    It would be nice if the Akismet spam filter were easier to use. For example an AJAX interface would be useful, if it could enable me to more quickly view the poster’s contact details – I currently have to wade through the contents of the spam :-)

    I’ve decided I’ll try and keep on top of the spam, and delete the spam as I encounter it – but I can’t guarantee that I’ll have the time to do this.

  2. I used to have a couple of websites that had the phpBB boards on them, but there just wasn’t any way I could figure to get a handle on all the spam coming in. I had one site that was generating over 1 gig if spam posts per month. I finally had to shut the board down and start over with WordPress.

    I use WordPress now, and instead of spending hours per day trying to get rid of the spam, I only have to moderate a post once in awhile. With phpBB, I was just about ready to quit trying to use websites with any type of user input, but Akismet does a really good job of keeping my WordPress accounts spam free.

    I still have one site that I use phpBB on because it’s just too big to move, have you ever heard of a filter like Akismet, that works for any of the phpBB systems?


    I Hate Spam…


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