A Blog Plugins Used Page Would Be Useful

Plugins used page on the Net 2.0 blog I recently came across the Net 2.0 blog (through the recently launched Explode social networking tool).

This WordPress blog contains a page giving details of the plugins used on the blog.

This approach has parallels with my blog experiments; my approach has been to provide a description of the reasons for the experiments and the pros and cons of the solutions, whereas this gives a factual descriptions of the solutions deployed.

I think a combination of both approaches can be useful. In particular, it can be useful in providing documentation on the tools which are being used: for example, in planning migration of the functionality of a blog to a different platform or in looking to preserve the functionality of a blog. This is something I’ll look at providing in the future.


  1. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the nice analysis.

    Of course, there should be appropriate mix of both approaches. In your approach, the description needs to be mentioned during the phase of start of implementation and in other approach, description needs to be maintained as well as updated during all the development phases.

  2. Hi Nitesh – thanks for your response. A quick question – which would you regard as the best of the WordPress plugins you’ve used? Which would you regard as indespensible?

  3. Can someone tell me how to add a plugin to my WP Blog ????

    I can’t seem to find a way to access that feature……….. HELP… Please…… Bob


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