Dodgy Blog Link Spam

The first link I spotted from the admin section of my blog to Sheila Webber’s guest blog posting was entitled “Blogs and RSS May 1, 2007 3:29 pm”. That sounded of interest, so I followed it, to be presented with a porn site which had aggregated various postings on the subject of blogs and/or RSS.

The blog had also aggregated content on a variety of porn topics, but also the following:


I suspect the company isn’t doing anything illegal – it’s simply taking RSS feeds (often with Creative Commons licences)  and choosing its own preferred links, adverts and accompanying images.

But such services will possibly adversely influence link rating schemes, such as Technorati (although, to be fair, Technorati does seem to be quite good at filtering link and tag spam). But be warned – those links to your blog may not be all that they seem!


  1. Make sure you flag it as spam Brian so that Askimet learns and we all benefit.

  2. Hi AJ – I can’t (I don’t believe). This isn’t comment spam (and yeserday Askimet spotted the 5,000th comments spam since the blog was launched in November). This is a blog spam site which simply links to me, and WordPress includes this in the list of Web pages which link to my blog. So it isn’t causing problems for blog readers (as comment spam would) or for me – but could potentially subvert link statistics.

    BTW I’ve been receiving a lot of (new) email spam today (as have colleagues). One of my colleagues is looking into this – and it seems that the spammer is sending a few words from various (possibly out-of-copyright books). I wonder if this is an experiment to see how to get around spam filters i.e. “to be (Viagra) or not to be (visit my Viagra stall”)



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