Something IS Going On With Facebook!

Something is going on with Facebookcommented John Kirriemuir yesterday in response to my “Death Of Email Debate Continues in Facebook” post.

Well he was right. A post published in a Guardian blog today entitled “Why Facebook is the new Apple” links to the announcement of Facebook’s F8 platform – a development which lets users embed other services inside their pages in Facebook.

The Facebook Developer’s site states that “The Facebook Platform is a standards-based web service with methods for accessing and contributing Facebook data. We’ve made the methods as easy to understand as possible, and included full documentation to help you learn more“.

I suspected something was happening to Facebook when I viewed ajcann’s Facebook page yesterday and noticed that it contained an embedded video clip (a teaching clip about some aspect of microbiology). So I added the Splashcast application to my Facebook account (this has only been available since 25 May, incidentally). I also noticed a whole range of additional applications which are available, so I added my feed and the Scribd repository service, as illustrated below.

Facebook interface to applications

What does this provide us with? Well I think we can regard Facebook as now providing an operating system environment which can provide access to a whole host of applications to support teaching and learning :-) And it’s popular with students – and a lot cheaper than Blackboard! Good news then?

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