Use of Yahoo Pipes with IWMW 2007 RSS Feeds

The third submission to the IWMW 2007 Innovation Competition was also from a colleague at UKOLN. As I’ve commented previously Julie Allison made use of the software to process various RSS feeds associated with the IWMW 2007 event.

As I’ve described Julie’s submission previously, I’ll not repeat it. What I would say, though, is that the description of Julie’s work clearly inspired one reader, with AJCann (a frequent contributor to this blog) subsequently announcing that he is a Pipes Virgin No More. For me this is a good example of one of the aims of the competition – encouraging others that it may be worth ‘just trying it’.

(Note this post is one of a series which describes submissions to the Innovation Competition at the IWMW 2007 event, to be held at the University of York on 16-18 July 2007. Further information about the series of posts is available in a post published previously.)

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  1. I’ve now built four RSS remixes using Pipes, the most recent one being my Tour de France feed:
    I think it’s import to remember that Pipes is a beta service and does have a few problems. It regular seems to “forget” about one of the feeds (different builds, not always the same feed) in a mashup, and the problem is definitely with Pipes and not the feed(s). So far, the soultion is to go over there and poke it with a stick, at which point it seems to wake up and start using all the feeds again.
    As an alternative to Pipes, I’m impressed with the capabilities of Dapper, especially the option to display RSS mashup output as an embedded Flash plugin (see the above link for an example).


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