Innovation Competition at IWMW 2008

The Innovation Competition was introduced at the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007, held at the University of York. This provided an opportunity for developers (and, it should be added, non-developers) to submit examples of lightweight examples of innovation which provided valuable services to a user community and/or were, in some way, ‘cool’, provoking a reaction of “Wow, we should be doing that” to IWMW 2007 participants.

The competition, which was sponsored by Amazon, was a great success, with four prize-winners receiving Amazon vouchers:

This year we will be repeating the Innovation Competition. This time, rather than relying on a commercial sponsor, the Universities of Aberdeen and Bath and Edge Hill University are the sponsors. These three institutions have recognised the potential benefits of opening up their data and APIs to the community, and invite members of the community to demonstrate what can be done with their RSS and Atom feeds, their XCRI data, their microformats, their OpenSearch APIs and other data on their Web site.

And although we welcome submissions based on data from the sponsoring institutions, we also invite other submissions as well (perhaps use of multimedia or Second Life). One change we have made from last year’s competition, however, is that we would not expect submissions to be based on mainstream institutional development work. You may choose, however, to submit a proposal which brings together content from a number of institutions, perhaps on a regional basis or using data provided by organisations outside the HE/FE sector.

Further details are provided on the IWMW 2008 Web site. There will be prizes for the winning submissions and, depending on the numbers of submissions, we may even, as we did last year, also provide prizes to runner’s-up or for special categories (the funniest submissions and perhaps even submissions created during the event).

We look forward to receiving your submissions.


  1. How exciting that someone I know won it :)

  2. Excellent way of demonstrating how easy/quick/low risk and most of all, useful light-weight approaches can be!

  3. Looks good.

    Maybe remove “We will shortly be providing details of data which is particularly suited for use in the competition.” from the “Submissions” section? :)

  4. I should add that if anyone has any idea about other data that we at Bath could open up, just drop a comment here or on our blog and we’ll see if we can oblige!

  5. Unlike Bath, with Edge Hill you’ll get what you’re given, and like it! 😉

    No, seriously, we’re going to be adding some more feeds over the coming weeks and will hopefully find somewhere better than a blog post to host the information long term.



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