What Next for Libraries? Making Sense of the Future

Tomorrow I’ll be giving an invited talk on “What Next for Libraries? Making Sense of the Future” at the Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries 2012 Conference (emtacl12) which is being held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology University Library in Trondheim, Norway.

The slides for the talk are available on Slideshare and are embedded below. In addition an accompanying paper is available on Opus, the University of Bath repository, in MS Word and PDF formats.

Twitter conversation from: [Topsy]

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  1. Nice presentation that touched on many (relevant) things.

    btw as you mentioned monorails, if you are still in Trondheim they have a cute single line tram system (Gr√•kallbanen) that goes through some nice woods (or used to; it’s been a while). It’s also close to the town of Hell, which you may pass to or from the airport.


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