Life After UKOLN: Looking For New Opportunities

Tomorrow is my last day at UKOLN. I’ve enjoyed my time working at the University and living in Bath. In fact I enjoy living in Bath so much that I’ve decided that I won’t be looking to move away for a full-time job elsewhere. However I will be looking for new opportunities, such as consultancy work or perhaps short-term work elsewhere.

A couple of months ago I noticed that the Open Knowledge Foundation were inviting applicants who wished to apply for jobs to submit a brief video clip summarising reasons why they may be suitable for a job in the organisation. Since I felt that we are likely to see an increase in new approaches to interviewing I organised a session on “Creating a Multimedia CV or Project Summary” at the IWMW 2013 event. The session facilitators were Kirsty and Rich Pitkin who have organised a lot of amplified events for UKOLN and JISC in recent years.

Kirsty and Rich also created a video clip for me in which I summarise the new opportunities I am looking for in 60 seconds. The video clip is available on the Vimeo service and embedded below.

If you feel my skills, expertise and passion can be of use to you, please get in touch.

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  1. I wish you all the best Brian in whatever you do and thank you sincerely for everything you’ve done to date. Did you mention “inspirational” and “thought leader” – you should have done!

  2. All the best Brian – I do have some ideas but in Romania till August 7th

  3. All the best in your next venture.

  4. Good luck Brian for your future adventures

  5. Good luck Brian. Perhaps we will catch-up next time you visit the Cumberland or at some folkie (dance) event!

  6. Hi Brian, really surprised about UKOLN … and the downsize. I think the community will notice the absence in short order – good luck with your consultancy efforts, I am sure you will find yourself in a position to provide at least some of what will be missing without UKOLN.



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