Starting A New Job!

Cetis home pageI’m really pleased to announce that I’ve got a new job. As announced on the Cetis Web site today I started work at Cetis as an Innovation Advocate (great job title!)

I’m looking forward to working at Cetis. I’ve worked closely with Cetis over the years. Looking at my list of events it seems that I ran workshop sessions or spoke at Cetis conferences in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013 and was the organiser of a joint UKOLN/CETIS/UCISA workshop on “Initiatives & Innovation: Managing Disruptive Technologies“. I’ve also written papers with current or former Cetis staff including ones on “Openness in Higher Education: Open Source, Open Standards, Open Access” (with Scott Wilson), “Twitter Archiving Using Twapper Keeper: Technical And Policy Challenges” (with Martin Hawksey) and “A Contextual Framework For Standards“, “A Standards Framework For Digital Library Programmes” and “Reflecting on Yesterday, Understanding Today, Planning for Tomorrow” (with Paul Hollins).

My new role will enable me to build on our previous collaborations and my interests and expertise in areas including standards, accessibility, social media and open practices. In addition I hope that the extensive professional networks I have developed with provide useful in supporting and developing Cetis’s range of activities.

I will be working, as home worker, for four days a week. I’ll be looking forward to renewing my contacts with Jisc as well as making new contacts at Bolton University and across the e-learning community. I will also be looking for additional partnership and funding opportunities – so please get in touch (although I’ve still to finalise my preferred email address).

Since I was made redundant on 31 July I have spent my time improving the house and garden and, in particular, have converted one of the bedrooms into an office. The building work on the house included installation of network points in more of the rooms, so I will have a suitable working environment (although today’s induction at Bolton University will include a session on health and safety, so I will be interested to see if that includes issues of relevance for home workers) . I have also spent time over the summer on a number of professional development activities and some freelance work which has included participation in the Hyperlinked Libraries MOOC, the LinkedUp project booksprint, and facilitation of a day’s workshop on Future Technologies at the ILI 2013 conference. However today my new role as Innovation Advocate, Cetis, University of Bolton begins. I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. Congratulations Brian and happy innovating

  2. Congratulations Brian, great news!

  3. Huge congratulations Brian. With your passion the organisation can’t go far wrong

  4. Congratulations Brian – I think you and CETIS were probably made for each other. Best of luck to you both.

  5. Fantastic news Brian – congratulations and good luck with the new role!

  6. Congrats Brian – don’t forget to update your sidebar :-)

  7. Congratulations Brian!

  8. We are Very pleased to have you on board and looking forward to working with you !

  9. Good news Brian – sure you will bring lots to Cetis and look forward to working and learning from you in your new role. Also will be checking out your shoes!!

  10. Congratulations… I’m really please for you…

  11. Congratulations!

  12. Many congratulations Brian. I wish you all the best in your new role :-)

  13. Congratulations… also I’ve been working on something rather nifty which maybe CETIS should be looking at. Let me know when you’re settled and I’ll send you a demo…



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