This Blog will focus on matters related to the Web, in particular Web standards, innovations and areas related to Web 2.0.

As a Web adviser to the UK higher and further education communities and the cultural heritage sector, there is a clear need for me to be better informed on Blog issues (both technological and non-technological areas). In addition a Blog can help me to better inform and engage with my communities.  Use of a Blog will also support my professional development (as was reported in Tom Roper’s Blog it was rather embarrassing to be singled out as the only non-Blogging speaker in a Web 2.0 session at the ILI 2006 conference!).   Fortunately my organisation has a proactive policy on staff development.  This places a responsibility on me to use this Blog in a professional manner.  So I will adopt the policy which my former colleague Paul Miller told me is Talis‘s policy on its Panlibus Blog: “Don’t be stupid!”.