I have given a number of Web 2.0 presentations to the library and information professional communities recently. It has been pleasing to note that responses to hearing about technologies such as Blogs and Wikis and Web 2.0 approaches such as trust and the importance of user-generated content has been very positive. The attitude seems to be “I can appreciate possible benefits, but I’m not sure what to do next”.

In terms of Blogging, a good approach would be to observe what one’s colleagues are doing, identify types of usage and examples of best practice and, if this fits in with local needs, to seek to emulate the best practices.

But where are the Blogging librarians in the UK? I recently heard about the Northampton University Library Blog (called Shush!), which is illustrated.

Northampton University Library Blog

This is based on a WordPress Blog, which seems to be hosted locally. There are several contributors to the Blog (including HeatherD, Miggie, Chris, Fionna and Phil). Some observations on this Blog:

  • Not many comments from the user community seem to have been posted yet, although there was clearly one satisfied user:

thanks for the support in using the harvard system it was useful and helpped me well i am beginning to understand it now and will put it into practices as much as i can

thanx alot

  • Only two categories for posts have been used: Current Assignments and General.
  • The WordPress widgets used in the sidebar are Archives (which date back to December 2005, although the Blog seems to have been actively used since September 2006); Categories; Events; Useful Links and Meta.

I am also aware of Univ of Bath Library Science News (which only covers the Faculty of Science). And quick Googling finds:

At this early stage in the development of library Blogs it does seem to be that it would be very timely to survey the approaches which are being taken to providing Blogs and to observe patterns of usage. A useful project for a Library and Information Science student perhaps?

If you provide a Library blog within the UK community, or are aware of links to such resources, perhaps you could provide details in a comment to this posting.