I’ve just re-discovered the TASI Lighthouse Blog. TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images) is a JISC-funded advisory service which provides advice on, as its name suggests, best practices related to digital images. TASI is based at ILRT (the Institute for Learning and Research Technology), University of Bristol. During my 10 years at UKOLN I have worked closely with TASI (and other groups in ILRT). TASI were the UKOLN’s initial partners in the JISC-funded QA Focus project.

The TASI Lighthouse Blog has now been running for almost a year and they clearly demonstrated the sustainability of the service, with over 300 postings since it was launched.


The Blog has a nice, friendly interface and the use of categories provides a quick way of finding useful resources. Wouldn’t it be great if other JISC Services followed this example.