I recently described my experiments with the Meebo chat widget. I’ve just had a chat with one of my blog readers (at 3 pm on Thursday, 25 January 2007).

I’m including, with permission, an (unedited) transcript of the chat I had (with Anna Hvass e-librarian at Teesside University Library) and a link to Teesside University Library’s chat service.

[15:03] anna: Hi Brian – do you have time for a quick chat?
[15:03] lisbk: Fine.. Who’s that?
[15:04] anna: Anna Hvass e-librarian at Teesside University Library
[15:04] lisbk: Hi. Where you at the MLA-NE do?
[15:05] anna: Was at your presentation on web 2.0
[15:05] lisbk:
[15:05] anna: lol – yep
[15:05] lisbk: Fire away
[15:06] anna: Was just looking at your post about meebo and wanted to share that we are using it for Chat Reference, and we just recently put a meebome widget on too
[15:06] anna: http://www.tees.ac.uk/depts/lis/chat/default.cfm
[15:07] anna: you mention using it that way so though I would share that we are – its going well slow at the moment but hope to advertise….
[15:09] lisbk: Thanks for that info.
[15:10] lisbk: Just looked at your page
[15:10] lisbk: Roddy McLeod had a similar interest
[15:10] lisbk: BTW do you keep a record of the chats?
[15:11] anna: yep – so that we can have a look back and see how we are doing
[15:11] lisbk: That’s great. Thanks for sharing that with me ….
[15:11] lisbk: Would you mind if I published this discussion?
[15:12] anna: your welcome – no that would be fine
[15:12] lisbk: Ta. And would you mind it I linked to your http://www.tees.ac.uk/depts/lis/chat/default.cfm page
[15:12] anna: nope thats fine too – its all advertising
[15:13] anna: Im all for helping people find out how to use these free services to make the best service possible for our users

I suspect that if I hadn’t provided the chat tool, Anna would not have got in touch to let me know about the developments at Teesside Something she confirmed in an email message). So for me, the Meebo experiment is proving useful in this respect.