It has been very pleasing to see the flurry of interest in my posting on Where are the Blogging UK Librarians? It seems that there are growing numbers of bloggers within both academic and public libraries around the UK – and, as their blogs reveal, Karen Blakeman and Phil Bradley are running training course and providing advice targetted at the library and information community with interests in blogging.

I noticed recently that the Internet Librarian International 2007 call for speakers is now open, with blogs and other Web 2.0 technologies. This might be of interest to the blogging librarians in the community who might be interested in describing their work at the conference. But it also occurred to me that perhaps the UK blogging librarian community might be interested in working together in order to develop a community-developed resource on blog strategies and best practices – perhaps online pharmacy mexico including ways of getting blogs into the library (and avoiding institutional or managerial conservatism); motivating colleagues to contribute; evaluating the effectiveness of the blogs; training and staff development in use of the tools and in writing styles; policies on allowing users to give comments (and handling potential misuse); etc.

In a recent comment to Karen Blakeman’s RSS, Blogs and Wikis posting, Sarah Washford said of this blog “I especially like [my] Blog experiments page”. Well I’m still carrying on with the experiments (especially the experiments which relate to the needs of the smaller libraries, museums and archives – such as my current experiment in email delivery of blog postings).
But I’d be even more keen to carry out a community experiment – perhaps with a small group who would be willing to contribute their experiences using a Wiki, could be presented at ILI 2007.

Anyone interested?

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