Gabbly chat facilityI’ve previously described how the Meebo plugin can be used to provide a chat facility for blogs. However its use requires installation of the plugin as a sidebar widget and users need to have a browser which support Flash.
An alternative approach would be to make use of a more native Web-based chat facility. One possibly would be Gabbly.

Gabbly’s approach is interesting – it provides a chat facility which is associated with a Web page (or, to be more accurate, with a URI). As an experiment I’ve set up a link which provides a chat facility associated with this posting. Why not try it. I will try and be around this afternoon (Friday 2 March 2007). There are a couple of recent posts which might be worth discussing: the difficulties of managing FireFox across an organisation and a more informal posting which suggested that the Web is now a difficult teenager.

So why not visit the chat facility and give your thoughts.

Gabbly chat windowAnd let me know if you think a link to a Gabbly chat facility from this blog’s sidebar would be useful. Perhaps this could be achieved with a small image, to make the purpose more obvious (perhaps along the lines illustrated).

Please note, though, that it has been suggested that use of Gabbly (embedded within a Web page rather than the direct link I’ve suggested here)  may have been responsible FireFox crashing on an Apple Macintosh platform – although this has not been confirmed.