One example of a Dapper application (a ‘Dapplication’) which is available from the Dapper Web site is Blotter. This uses Dapper to scrape the Technorati Web site for statistical information on usage of a blog (and note that the Blotter page describes how this application was developed).

As an example I have embedded the Blotter application in this post. Blotter scrapes the Technnorati service’s results for this blog on a daily basis in order to record trends, as illustrated.

It would appear that over time the image will be updated, to show changes in the numbers of links to this blog and the Technorati ranking. At the time this posting was published, the legend on the graph indicated that the blog has 632 links from 34 sites, and is ranked 115,721. The graph shows that the numbers of links and sites has remained static on Friday and Saturday, but the rating has dropped from around 115,300 to 115,721 over these two days.

To return to a point raised by Peter Miller: isn’t this application ‘stealing’ data from Technorati? I think it’s clear from the image, that acknowledgments are given to the provider of the service. And if this service becomes popular, it could raise the profile of Technorati in new sectors. Indeed as the Yedda quotation says on the Dapper Web site: “Dapper has made it very easy to distribute our content in new and exciting ways. We love Dapper!“.

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