Around Christmas time, I think it was, I was talking to my colleague Paul Walk (in The Star, probably Bath’s finest pub) about ways in which we can communicate effectively complex ideas. We discussed the JISC e-Framework strategy in the context of the animated cartoon which seeks to explain the Service Oriented Approach (Feb 2007).

We then discussed aspects of Web 2.0 – and suddenly the Kinks’ song “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion” came to mind. How do you explain the concept of social networks and services which become better as the numbers of users grows? “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion” sums that up nicely, I thought.

However last week I noticed that on the programme for the UCISA Management Conference that Gill Ferrell, JISC infoNet, is giving a talk with the title “Are you a Dedicated Follower of Fashion? (Designing technology rich learning spaces for the future). Damm, beaten in coining of this analogy, I initially thought. But no, on reflection I realised that now I really am a dedicated follower of fashion (oh yes I am!), whereas Gill is clearly the leader of the gang (she is).

Now what other songs can help communicate aspects of Web 2.0? “I am the eggman they are the eggmen I am the walrus Goo goo g’ joob” struck me as providing an interesting biological mashup, with perhaps some character encoding problems at the end. But I’m sure you can do better than this!