I noticed recently that this blog had jumped up in the Technorati ranking, from about 110,00 to 80,535. This was due to n increase in the numbers of links to the blog and blogs linking to this blog, as illustrated in the graph (taken from the Blotter application I posted about recently).

technorati statistics for this blog (16 March 2007)

What was responsible for this sudden rise? Had I posted an article which caused a flurry of interesting across the blogging community, I wondered? Alas no – further investigation revealed that a blog hosted by the LibraryThing service had picked up on a post I made about LibraryThing and that this blog was being replicated using several domains (http://hu.librarything.com/buzz.php, http://cym.librarything.com/buzz.php, http://fi.librarything.com/buzz.php, etc.).  These domains provide access to the LibrayThing service in different countries (and in appropriate languages)  but their blog entry is simply replicated across the Web sites.

I think this is further evidence of the limitations of blog statistics.  But the worrying aspect is how easy it would appear to be to artificially inflate one’s Technorati rating by replication of links from multiple blogs.  I don’t feel that LibraryThing have acted unethically – but, sadly, others will.