I was interested to see that the Blog Policy for this blog (and the rationale behind it and how it can be applied elsewhere) has been picked up and adopted by the Blogging@UoD blog (“A Blog on blogging in Higher & Further Education from the University of Derby”).

I would expect to see further developments in this, as universities, libraries, etc. begin to make greater use of blogs to support their activities. It would be interesting, therefore, to see how such policies shape up, and to observe patterns in their approaches.

Feel free, therefore, to include links to policies you come across or have developed, as comments to this posting.

In addition, I’d suggest that the tag “blog-policies” is used to tag postings on this subject, to enable the postings to be found more easily in search engines such as Technorati (I notice, incidentally, that Technorati currently finds 43 postings using this tag).

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