I recently mentioned that the highlight of the JISC Conference 2007 for me (and, it would seem, many other participants) was the final plenary talk on BBC 2.0.

The organisers of the conference should be pleased with the success of this talk, and also with the organisation of the event itself. No doubt the organisers will receive detailed comments when they analyse the conference evaluation forms. However at events link this, which will expect to attract participants who are IT literate and many of whom will be users of Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, it will often be possible to obtain more immediate feedback by using various search tools to see what people have been saying about the conference.

I have recently used the following searches to find comments about the conference:

What strikes me for the blog posts? There are examples of further confirmations of the success of the talk on BBC 2.0:

Finally the inspirational talk of the day was given by Tom Loosemore from the BBC. He runs their whole online operation by the sound of it and mercifully sounds like he really has his head screwed on. ” (Sam’s Work Blog).

Tom’s principles [about BBC 2.0] were very much in the spirit of Web 2.0 and just the kinds of things that Brian Kelly and others have been banging on about for ages, but it was nice to hear the same messages coming from outside the community.” (E-foundations blog – thanks Andy).

The conference organisers will be pleased with comments on the role that the conference plays in providing networking opportunities:

an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting up with old friends” (E-foundations blog)

although the organisers may wish to reflect on comments about the lunch:

Lunch was the worst part of the day. As a non mushroom eating vegetarian, and a very hungry one by lunchtime, I was disappointed to see both veggie options contained mushrooms. I ended up with a plate of potato salad and wild rice, not very nourishing.” (Vashti’s Blog)

and workshop facilitators should find it useful to get feedback on their sessions:

I went to an hour long session about the JISC e-Framework, SOA and Enterprise Architecture in the morning.  I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of any mention of Web 2.0.  Err… hello!.” (E-foundations blog).

The session was supposed to be a workshop and I thought they might just do a real demo to show how it works… but no this is another death-by-powerpoint moment.” (Sam’s Work Blog).

Of course, as well as reading such comments and reflecting on them,  there is also the opportunity to respond to such comments for those blogs which allow comments to be made, and engaging in discussion and debate.