Technorati Ranking For RSS Feeds

As well as finding resources in the blogosphere, Technorati can also be used to measure the number of inbound links to blogs. The corresponding Technorati ranking can be useful in giving feedback on the effectiveness of dissemination strategies for a blog.

I was surprised, however, when I discovered that Technorati also gives a ranking for the UKOLN Web site (but not one of the two other Web sites I tried).

Technorati ranking for UKOLNWeb site

On subsequent reflection I suspect that this will have happened as a consequence of using Technorati’s ‘ping service‘ on the UKOLN’s RSS feed – which can help to ensure that Technorati indexes UKOLN’s latest news.

Recording Trends Using Blotter

It struck me that it might be useful to make use of the data provided by Technorati to measure certain aspects of UKOLN’s Web site. And rather than having to do this manually or commission buy zithromax 500mg online software to support this task, I have used the Blotter applications (which, as described previously, I use to give a rolling snapshot of the rating of this blog). The snapshot of the numbers of links from blogs to the UKOLN Web site, the numbers of blogs which have links and the Technorati rating, is shown below.

A Suggestion

If we want to maximise ways of findings our organisation’s news feeds, we should probably ping the RSS feed in Technorati. This will help ensure that Technorati knows about the existence of our feed.

If we are interested in trends in the blogging community’s links to our organisation’s Web site it is probably worth visiting the Blotter Web site and getting the simple HTML element which will create the above graph:

<a href="" mce_href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

Let me know what you think about this suggestion.