I noticed recently that Tom Roper had spotted my posting about Blotter and has announced that he’s using this service himself. This motivated me to revisit the Blotter Web site – where I discovered that the service seems to have been enhanced (or perhaps I missed these options originally). As well as a number of options to manage the display of the graph, it is also possible to change the time period from its default of one week to either a month or indefinitely.

As can be seen below, the indefinite display gives a much better visualisation of the trends for this blog, with a noticeable leap in the Technorati ranking in March 2007 (which I commented upon at the time).

UK Web Focus blog:

As I mentioned recently Technorati statistics can also be obtained for standard RSS feeds, and not just for blog feeds. So I’ve included a graph showing the trends for the UKOLN feed since this was registered at Technorati.

UKOLN Web site:

Again we can see a big leap in the numbers of links in early May – but I’m not sure why this is. And, despite this leap, the overall Technorati trend is downwards. I suspect that this is because Technorati is meant primarily for use with blogs and its algorithms will be flawed when used with conventional Web sites (i.e. I suspect it will be looking for links from blogs rather than conventional Web sites).

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