I gave a talk entitled “Email Must Die!” at the ILI 2005 conference in London back in October 2005 and followed this up with an Ariadne article with the rather more hesitant question “Must Email Die?“.

I can recall that the title of the talk was felt to be rather controversial at the time. So I was interested to read an article entitled “Firms to embrace Web 2.0 tools” in the Computing newsletter (which was also picked up by IT Week) on a recently released Gartner report.

The report states that:

MySpace and FaceBook are the most successful community environments on the planet because they have pulled people away from email, which is the one thing that nothing else has managed to do so far’.

I should add that I was the not the only person to predict this trend. In a UCISA Poll on Instant Messaging a correspondent from the University of Bath stated that “mail seen by younger people to be ‘boring’ ‘full of spam’, IM and SMS immediacy preferred” – and this was back in 2004.

Are mailing list services just for old people, I wonder :-)?