This year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop, at the University of York, starts after lunch on 16th July 2007. Back in 2004, when the event was held at the University of Birmingham, I opened the workshop by showing a video clip of “Steve Ballmer’s [of Microsoft] crowd pleasing repertoire of the grotesque“. It was a great light-hearted way of opening the event (and worth watching if you’ve not seen it before).

Should we do something similar for this year’s event, I wonder? A few month’s ago I posted about Viral Marketing from Store Wars to Web 2.0. Several how to buy antibiotics online amusing video clips were mentioned, including, with an IT theme, the well-known “Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us” and the less well-known “Response to the ‘Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us’. A favourite of mine is “Introducing the book” and recently Mike Wald told me about the “Apple Irack” video clip.

All worth watching – but are there any others which might provide a fun start to a three day event aimed at members of institutional Web management teams? Or are any of the ones I’ve mentioned worth showing?