In order to support the Innovation Competition which is a new feature of the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop we are providing access to a variety of RSS feeds, including feeds of the location of all eleven IWMW events and the location of the host institutions for plenary speakers at all of the events. In addition RSS feeds for the plenary talks and workshop sessions for recent events are also available. And as well as the data provided by the event organisers, there are also links to various related feeds, such as bloggers at the event and feeds from services such as and Flickr.

This data can be used by delegates at the event who may wish to submit an entry to the Innovation Competition (and we also invite submissions from people who can’t attend).

The Yahoo! Pipes application would appear to be a tool worth exploring in this context. And I’m pleased that my colleague Julie Allison has developed an application based on this tool which takes the last 10 Flickr, and Technorati tags and mixes them with the IWMW 2007 news feed. This is illustrated below.

Yahoo Pipes

Julie informs me that this simple use of Yahoo! Pipes took her about 15 minutes to write (if ‘write’ is the correct term to use for a graphical development tool). And as the source of this application is available it can form the basis of richer applications.

An opportunity for someone, I think.

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