Mike Ellis, in a recent guest blog post, urged us to ‘go forth and mash’. Mike informed us that ‘Anyone who’s had the misfortune to hear me speak will know that I’m a big fan of a “just do it” attitude to Web development’. And, indeed, Mike and I were co-authors of a paper on Web 2.0: How to Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Addressing Organisational Barriers which expanded on this notion of ‘doing it’.

At the recent Umbrella 2007 conference, Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive of the British Library, in the opening plenary talk also urged us to ‘just go and do’. Or, as Pandora’s Blog described it Lynne “spoke of the need to engage with the Net generation using Web 2.0 technologies – If they don’t come to us, we should go to them on their terms, in their spaces“.

And I’ve just noticed a post by Peter Murray-Rust who, back in May 2007, told us that the chemical semantic web has arrived! just do it NOW.

The infrastructure and the standards are in place, lightweight tools are available and the early adopters have demonstrated the concepts – it’s now now for the rest of us to just do it.