As an experiment which built on last year’s use of Access Grid technologies, the plenary talks at the IWMW 2007 events were streamed live and a recording of the talks made which were made available shortly afterwards.

The display of Alison Wildish’s talk on “Let The Students do the Talking …” is illustrated and the video recording can be played (note Flash support is needed) .

Video of Alison Wildish talk at IWMW 2007

The IWMW 2007 WetPaint Wiki was used to obtain feedback on the video service. The feedback indicated that the service was appreciated, with various suggestions provided on how this service could be improved:

Really good service but would have liked the time displayed somewhere so I could point people to things that were said at a particular time – it’s basically impossible right now (a killer for those 90 minute sessions!).

One of the people asking questions explicitly turned down use of a microphone – I think because the acoustics in the room are good and everyone physically present could hear. More awareness is needed and probably briefing the chairs to be strict, if that’s what helps online viewers follow the discussion 🙂

Some thoughts on how to make this even better:

  1. Better camera work – the camera being pointed at the podium means that I have lost the the speaker from time time
  2. Audio – generally really good – but the panel discussions and audiene questions were not so easy to hear at times – where are the microphones, BTW?
  3. Lighting – Good lighting on the speaker at the podium – but again the panel discussions were poorly lit.

But all in all, a very welcome add on to the conference

Many thanks to Anthony Leonard for providing this service.