A post on Mind maps & Wiki on the 2coach blog introduced me to the Wikimindmap tool.  This provides a visualisation of information provided on Wikipedia.

And a post on the Web2learning.net blog illustrates how a search for “Library” is displayed, but I was more interested in searching for my hobby in the analogue world – “rapper sword”.

Wikimind map for "rapper sword"

Although text on the home page implies that the service may not be sustainable (“Due to high request, WikiMindMap will soon be available as intranet solution. Please come back here to keep you informed.“) I was more interested in this service as an example of how making your data available for reuse by others (content in Wikipedia has a Creative Commons licence) and providing access to the data can allow applications to be developed which the original developed may not have considered.

My colleague Paul Walk mentioned this recently in a post on “The coolest thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else“.

Is this interface of use?  Perhaps it may be considered somewhat gimmicky – but I do wonder if this type of graphical interface to an encyclopedia might provide accessibility benefits?