What tools are readers of the UK Web Focus blog using – do you visit the host Web site (at ukwebfocus.wordpress.com) or use an RSS reader? Or perhaps you read the postings which have been aggregated elsewhere (such as on the JISC Emerge or Planet OSS Watch Web sites or within the Facebook environment).  If the latter is the case, I may not be aware of any comments you may have given to my postings – and I won’t have access to any statistics about your visits.

SUrvey form for the UK Web Focus blogIn order to try and get some information about the diversity of environments which may be used by readers of my posts, I have created a feedback survey.  And, as well as you providing me with buy medications information about your environment, the survey also allows you to provide general feedback on your view of the blog, such as the content, the publication frequency or any other comments you may have.

In order to ensure that the survey can be completed in a diversity of environments, it has been decoupled from the UK Web Focus blog environment. Instead a SurveyMonkey form has been set up which contains just seven questions: three about the tools you use for reading the blog whilst the remainder allow you to give your comments and suggestions.

The survey is provided by SurveyMonkey (and is illustrated in the image). I look forward to reading your responses.