I have been carrying out some further experiments with Slideshare’s Slidecast facility, which allows uploaded presentations to be synched with audio.

In a previous post on the Slidecast service I was self-conscious of my ums and errs, perhaps because I was giving the talk along in my office and was thinking about both what I was talking about and the technology itself.

For a more recent Slidecast on Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting and All That I prepared a script of what I was intending to say and used that as the basis of the talk (although I did not necessarily read the script faithfully). I am more pleased with the audio, this time, although whether this is because I am more comfortable with the application, and not necessarily due to me preparing the script is not yet clear. And I still need to work on the best ways for managing Audacity, the open source application I use for recording and editing the audio. I also discovered that the text included in screen dumps couldn’t be read in the Slidecast, so I’ll have to address that issue as well.

[slideshare id=91572&doc=blogs-wikis-podcasting-and-all-that4710&w=425]

I recently discussed these issues with Andy Powell and Bernadette Swanson (nee Daly), both former colleagues of mine at UKOLN. A suggestion Bernadette made was to had a few drinks before recording the sound track, as this would put you more at ease. I haven’t (yet) tried this approach, but it might be something to bear in mind.

How have others addressed the concerns that many of us probably have about how they sound on a recording?

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