I recently wrote an article about Zentation, a Web 2.0 service which enables a video clip to be synched with a PowerPoint presentation.

I received a comment on that post, suggesting that I should check out VCasmo.  So I did – and I’m impressed. And my advice if thinking about using an externally hosted Web 2.0 service, is to look for more than one, so that you have an alternative if things go wrong.

Vcasmo interface embedded in a Web page.

Although Zentation was easy to use, it’s interface did seem rather clunky.

Vcasmo, by contrast, does seem easier to use and provides the facilities we nowadays expect from these type of Web 2.0 services. For example, rather than having to go to the service to view the presentation (which you can do) it is also possible, and will often be preferred, to embed the page in a Web page, as illustrated.

Now this service is new (there are fewer than 200 resources which have been uploaded, and mine was one of the first in the Academic category). And using a Technorati search I only found one blog post about the service.  But every service starts from scratch, and this one is  definitely worth investigating.

The steps I took in creating this resources were as follows.  Firstly I took the video, using a Nokia N95 camera.  I then uploaded the video clip to Google Video (together with YouTube).  I then created a number of PowerPoint slides which summarised what Kara had said and uploaded the slides to both VCasmo and Zentation.  After some simple editing to add the title and relevant metadata I synched the video clip hosted on Google Video with the  appropriate slides, as illustrated below.

SYnching the video clipo and the slides in Vcasmo.

I will be making further use of Vcasmo, I think.  Has anybody else tried it?  Or are there alternatives worth considering?

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