Via a Technorati search for JISC I came across the RSC NewsFeed Blog provided by the JISC RSC Scotland North & East and RSC Scotland South & West services. This was launched on 28 August 2007 and since then then have been many postings, providing useful snippets of information, many of which describe various Web 2.0 services relevant to the teaching applications. 

I noticed that all of the posts were published on just three dates: 29 August, 11 September and 25 September.   I then realised that the blog is published as a newsletter, with issue 3 having been released recently.

I think this can be a useful approach to providing a blogging service, although I do wonder whether the sudden publication of multiple posts might act as a barrier to engaging readers in discussion via the blog comments (and the service does allow comments to be published).  But on the other hand, it does strike me as a more environmentally friendly solution that the printed newsletter and much more easier to use and repurposable than simply published a PDF version of a paper newsletter.

I’ve added this to my bookmarks of resources I’ll be using in the half day masterclass  on “Using Blogs Effectively Within Your Library” which Kara Jones and myself will be running on 7th October 2007.

Does anyone else have example of blogs being used to provide access to newsletters?