You know where you are with standards, right?

But who remembers OSI Networking Protocols? And whatever happened to Corba?

Towers of WS-BabelAnd what is happening to Web Service standards? There was a panel session at a WWW conference a few years ago entitled “Web Services Considered Harmful” which argued that Web Service standards were too complex to be successful.

Interestingly in a recent post on Not a unicorn, nor Switzerland neither by my colleague Paul Walk he mentions that in Rail 2.0 “Significantly, the ActiveResource plugin which drops a full ReST framework into Rails is in, while the ActiveWebService functionality to support SOAP is out“.

Will then, the Web Services stack be the next attempt at standardisation which fails by striving too hard to be too clever, eventually succumbing to a babble of conflicting opinions of the next steps?

The accompanying image is available on Flickr. Is is taken from a set of images entitled The Web is Agreement. It was put together on behalf of Osmosoft for a BT Open Source Awareness Event to promote discussion on Open Source and standards.

Towers of WS-Babel by psd, Some Rights Reserved