In a post last month entitled UCISA Award for UK Web Focus Blog I mentioned that I’ll be giving a talk on blogging at a UCISA workshop an Innovation and Communication which will take place on Thursday 14th February 2008.

I’m currently finalising my slides – which, incidentally, are available on the event’s Wetpaint wiki. On a discussion on the wiki Sue Cunningham asked: “One of the reasons people in our dept don’t want to start blogging is that they don’t think they would keep it up. Do you find it takes a lot of your time – is it difficult to post on a regular basis?

I would suggest that (a) blogs can be used to replace or complement existing communications channels and provide greater functionality (b) IT Services need to give greater priority to engaging with their users, otherwise the users will stop using their services and (c) we don’t have to work in isolation and sharing experiences and resources, such as blog policies, scripts, etc. and discussing best practices will benefit the wider community and is something that UCISA is good at.

My questions then:

  • What IT Services blogs are available (I’m aware of the Tech Services blog at Edge Hill University, Michael Webb’s at Newport and John Dale‘s at Warwick) ?
  • What experiences and best practices can be shared. Have any IT Service departments produced guidelines on the scope of their blogs, avoiding problems, dealing with spam comments, etc.?

The current version of my slides is available below (although this may be updated).

[slideshare id=259705&doc=uk-web-focus-blog-1202643096617993-2&w=425]