Via a post on Seb Schmoller’s blog I came across an XiTi Monitor article which gives statistical data on usage of FireFox across Europe.

The news isn’t good for use supporters of the open source Web browser, with usage in the UK in December 2007 at 17.2%, with only Ukraine and the Netherlands below. The top three countries which make use of FireFox are Finland (45.4%), Slovenia (44.6%) and Poland (42.4%).

Firefox Usage Across Europe

I must admit I find these figures disappointing and also somewhat surprising. Last year I wrote a post entitled FireFox – The Researchers Favourite Application? in which I was confident the the clear buy topamax generic superiority of FireFox over its competitors would lead to much greater use of FireFox as a platform, with increased use of FireFox plugins. Mark Sammons, however, responded by arguing that “Firefox is not Enterprise-ready enough to be considered for migration from IE” and Phil Wilson agreed with Mark’s comment: “I’m glad Mark wrote that comment because it’s exactly what I was going to write when I read your post Brian“.

The evidence, it seems, backs up Mark and Phil’s views – for whatever reasons, FireFox isn’t the success many of us would have hoped for within the UK. Sad, but true.