Summary of the blog statisticsI’ve found it useful in the past to write about significant landmarks on this blog in order to provide some data which other bloggers may find useful in drawing parallels. And such factual data may also be useful in the various blog workshops which myself and colleagues have been running, including a workshop on “Using Blogs Effectively Within Your Library” which my colleagues Marieke Guy and Ann Chapman will be running at the ILI 2008 conference next month.

So I thought I would document the date at which the blog had reached 100,000 page views. This happened on Saturday 6th September 2008, 1 year and 10 months after the blog was launched.

Months and Years

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2006 4 1,238 2,067 3,309
2007 2,528 3,055 4,059 4,387 4,321 4,389 5,876 4,063 4,181 4,675 6,607 4,514 52,655
2008 4,713 5,350 4,522 5,414 5,025 4,856 6,388 6,314 1,458 44,040

As can be seen the busiest where to buy antibiotics online month was November 2007, and this was primarily due to the popularity of a blog post on UK Universities On Facebook. This has been the third most popular post, following the post on The ‘Cities Visited’ Facebook Application and, in second place, one on TokBox – A Useful Video-Conferencing Tool Or Something Sinister?.

It’s also pleasing to note that after an extended period of stability the numbers of visits to the blog has started to increase again over the past two months, as is shown in the following graph.

Of course, we still need to remember that there are lies, dammed lies and blog statistics.