I’m attending the Bridging Worlds 2008 conference  this week which will be held in Singapore on 16-17 October. I’ve been invited to present a paper on “Library 2.0: Balancing the Risks and Benefits to Maximise the Dividends“.

There are a number of interesting speakers at the conference. I’m particularly looking forward to meeting up with Jenny Levine again and hearing her talk on “Librarian 2.0 – New Breed or Just Another Day at the Office?“, meeting my former colleague Bernadette Daly Swanson and hearing what she has to say on “I am Library: Exploring the Library Experience in Second Life” and chatting to Peter Godwin, co-editor of a book on “Information Literacy meets Library 2.0” which I contributed a chapter to earlier this year.

As a blog post on the conference Web site describe, the conference will “try to give .. an insight into what for many is the unfamiliar world of Library 2.0 … [including] Second Life, Folksonomies and new approaches libraries, sharing and  community“. The blog post goes on to suggest that the Library 2.0 Meme Map available on Flickr with a Creative Commons licence, provides a useful insight into the topics which will be covered at the conference.

My paper will provide examples of ways in which Library 2.0 services are being deployed, with brief case studies provided by co-authors Paul Bevan, Jo Alcock and Richard Akerman on uses at the National Library of Wales, University of Wolverhampton and NRC-CISTI, Canada. The main focus of the paper, however focusses on ways of addressing the risks associated with use of externally-hosted services and user-generated content, with a section on the Childnet International and Digizen work being provided by Josie Fraser. 

And after the conference finishes I’m looking forward to taking a well-deserved holiday!