I’ve discussed potential benefits of a variety of Web 2.0 services including blogs, wikis, Twitter, use of audio and video, etc. over the past two years on this blog.  But it strikes me that a reason we can encounter resistance to use of new technologies is that people think that they will have to use them.  I personally don’t think everyone should blog, use Twitter or make use of Second Life, for example – a point I made recently in a video blog post.  Rather I feel that the early users of such services and the enthusiasts should be willing to explain why such technologies can provide benefits to others, but not mandate their use inappropriately.  And the role of managers and policy makers should be to provide an environment in which the diversity of tools buy medications india which are available can be used to support a diversity of tasks and a diversity of user preferences.

The problem, it seems to me, is the attitude of “I don’t see the point – therefore you should be doing it either” – although I suspect that in my cases the unspoken fear is “I don’t get it, and I’m worried that if I don’t oppose it I’ll be forced to do it“. Perhaps the tensions are between the positions of “I want diversity, you need convincing and he wants things to stay the same“.

On the other hand if you decide that you don’t want to blog, tweet, make use of wikis, etc. and you are an information professional, how employable will you be if you decide to change jobs?