On the final evening of my holiday in Thailand I found myself catching up with developments in the world by skimming the rolling headlines on the BBC World news. So, in tweetspeak I found that “Things look good for Obama; Spurs 4, Rednapp happy and economic crisis continues“.

We seem, I feel, to have an ever-increasing need to be able to summarise information quickly in snippets. Yet information professionals are expected, it seems, to write long, well-researched theses for their library and information studies courses.  And this continues in the profession – I can recall when I moved offices a few years ago coming across long reports (which would have been costly to commission) on technologies which failed to have any significant impact. Is this the best way of doing things – commissioning long reports which may be filed without being read?

Where are the information professions who are skilled at being online pharmacy no rx concise? Perhaps they are to be found writing pithy comments in Twitterland.

And infobunny seems to be the type of information professional I feel we need more of. She twitters (where she entertains me with her stories of life with her Lancastrian boyfriend and her gripes of travelling on the train to work), she blogs about life as a legal librarian and she regularly keeps her twitter followers updated with news about new Twitter applications.

With 14,434 Twitter updates infobunny (who is also known as the Lo-Fi-Librarian) is clearly passionate about Twitter and the 856 Twitter followers she has shows that large numbers of users are interested in what she has to say. And as infobunny herself also follows 762 other Twitter users she’s not only a writer, but also reads what others are saying.

Infobunny as this year’s Information Professional of the Year? Why not?