I’m pleased to report that the UK Web Focus blog has been nominated for the Best educational tech support blog category of the 2008 Edublog Awards. In addition my colleague Paul Walk’s blog has also been nominated in the Best librarian / library blog category.

The other blogs nominated for the Best Educational Tech Support award are The Edublogger, The Clever Sheep, The Wired Campus, Geeked, Tech Tutors, Teach42, Teacher in a Strange Land, Off on a Tangent, efoundations, JoeWoodOnline, Teachers love Smartboards and Langwitches blogs.

Now I am aware of Stephen Downes criticisms of this year’s awards (although he does ask readers of his blog to “be sure to vote“). And Stephen has cited Doug Johnson’s post “on ranking, awards and other nonsense“. But if you feel that the Edublogs awards do have a role to play I’d invite you to look at the other blogs nominated in this (and the other) categories – which might help you find new blogs which you find valuable – and, if you are so included, to vote for your preferred blog.

Martin Weller nominated my blog, stating that “rather obviously I’m opting for Brian Kelly’s blog. Brian manages to push at the comfort boundaries of IT services, but does so with intelligence and insight into the practical issues“. AJ Cann also nominated my blog and James Clay was torn, nominating Steve Wheeler’s  Learning with ‘e’ blog for the Best individual blog, although he went on to add that “Other blogs that were in the running include Josie Fraser’s SocialTech blog and Brian Kelly’s UK Web Focus. The key here was which blog did I read on a regular basis and which inspired me the most“. James went on to state that in choosing his selection for the Best educational tech support blog he “was torn between Andy Powell and Pete Johnston’s eFoundations blog and Brian Kelly’s UK Web Focus” before choosing eFoundations for this category.

But the final choice is up to you!