A tweet from Owen Stephens alerted me to the news that “TFPL blog has 14 info professionals to follow on Twitter Inc. @andypowe11, @paulmiller, @psychemedia, @briankelly, @karenblakeman“.

And yes, a post of the TFPL lists “14 UK information professionals to follow on Twitter” and goes on to suggest that “If you are not on Twitter, and are fed up of listening to everyone go on it, here are 14 UK information professionals whose tweets should be interesting enough to tempt you to dip your toes into the water“.

But this, to my mind, is missing the point of Twitter. You don’t pharmacy online no prescription follow someone on Twitter to listen to pearls of wisdom; rather Twitter is about your community and your engagement with the community.

I made a similar comment in a post on the “Directory of (E-)Learning Professionals on Twitter” which described “Jane’s list of “100+ (E-)Learning Professionals to follow on Twitter“.

Now if the blog post had mentioned the briefing documents we have recently published on micro blogs or the various posts about Twitter on this blog then the post might have been more useful to the readers. But when, I wonder, will blogs published by information professionals start to get Twitter?