I previously mentioned “What Makes A Good API?” work which my colleague Marieke Guy is working on. Marieke set up a very brief research survey asking developers about use of APIs (both providing and consuming).  The survey (which was first announced on Marieke’s Good APIs blog and subsequently picked up by Tony Hirst and Mia Ridge) is due to be close tomorrow (21 January). So if you have an interest in having input into a document which will provide advice and examples of best practices  we’d encourage you to complete the survey. If, however, you’ve missed the deadline, feel free to add comments and suggestions to this buy topamax cheap post.

Marieke and myself will also be attending the second day (10 February 2009) of the JISC Developer Happiness Days event. Owen Stephens has already mentioned this event on his blog, and he picked up on the booking form’s categories of participants: “developer / hacker / scriptkitty / user / uber-user / usability expert”. Now I’m not a developer or hacker (although some of my best friends are).  But no matter which ctaegoigy you are in, we’d welcome your thoughts on good APIs.  And if you are planning on attending the event, it would be good to meet up with you.