I have been asked to give a talk at a workshop session to be held at the Dublin Core DC-2009 conference on “Semantic Interoperability of Linked Data”. The invitation arose after my recent posts on the use of Twitter at UKOLN’s IWMW 2009 event. The talk is intended for a session on “feral data”. This, I assume, is meant to cover data which may be uncontrolled and unmanaged but which may be useful in ways which are not originally envisaged.

The DC-09 event is being held in Seoul, South Korea in October 2009. I won’t be attending the conference, but have agreed to produce a brief pre-recorded presentation. My first rehearsal of the talk was too long (20 minutes rather than 10) and the sound quality wasn’t great (interference caused by the close proximity of my mobile phone to the microphone). However I thought it might be useful to make this draft presentation available for those who may have an interest in this subject. The draft abstract for the talk is give below:

Increasingly research conferences, such as DC 2009, will have a WiFi network which conference attendees will use to enhance their learning and engagement with ideas, as well as for supporting administrative and social needs.

Tools such as Twitter enable conference attendees to engage in discussions during talks in ways which would have been frowned upon before hand-held devices and laptop computers became an essential item for many researchers.

The pre-recorded presentation will describe the approaches which were taken at UKOLN’s recent IWMW 2009 (Institutional Web Management Workshop) in which Twitter (together with technologies such as Twitter, an event blog, Flickr and live video streaming) was used to enrich the quality of the event and maximise its outreach.

The presentation covers:

  • The reasons for the ‘event amplification’.
  • Tools used to aggregate information provided on a diversity of services.
  • Tools used to ‘preserve’ the event ‘tweets’.
  • Challenges in curating the event ‘tweets’.
  • The dangers in attempting to manage an event’s back-channel”

This talk is available as a slidecast (slides plus audio) on Slideshare and is also embedded below.

[slideshare id=1861131&doc=twitter-at-events-090814085552-phpapp02]

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