The UK Web Focus blog was launched on 1st November 2006.  A year ago I summarised how the blog had developed in its first two years. In this anniversary post I will document some statistics (so I have a record of the current status) and  briefly reflect on the content of the blog and how the way I use the blog has developed over time.

Since the blog was launched I have published 630 posts, an average of  210 per year (4  per week). There have been 2,814 comments published (and a very large number of spam comments blocked by Akismet – currently reported as 146,475 spam comments but as I reported in June 2008 that there were  A Quarter of a Million [spam comments] and Counting these figures are misleading (for some reason Akismet reset the count to zero at some point).

As I did last year, I have created a PDF file of the posts in order to provide an indication of the total number of pages I’ve written.  To date it seems I’ve written 620 pages (although note that this includes images which are displayed at full size in the PDF – with the images displayed at the correct size the PDF file comes to 450 pages)  and over 328,000 words. A typical blog post is therefore about 2/3rd of a page long or about  500 words.  Note that access to the PDF resource is available on Slideshare and is embedded at the bottom of this post.

When I  set up the blog I did wonder online drugstore no prescription whether it would be sustainable, how I would find the time to write and what I would write about. I also thought about the issues of publishing without any the support of any editorial processes to advise on both the quality and writing style and the appropriateness of the content.

I discovered that I have writing blog posts enjoyable, useful and need not take too much time to write.  How useful the posts are for readers is something I’ll not address in this post!

Over the three years I have found that I am using this blog as my open notebook, as a means of writing down ideas and thoughts which otherwise I may forget about. These ideas may be incorporated in my other work activities such as my presentations, publications and papers.

Over the past year of so I have also contributed to a number of additional blogs which provide more focussed  dissemination channels including the JISC PoWR blog, the IWMW 2009 blog and UKOLN’s Cultural Heritage blog.

I am now finding that, with over 600 posts published on the UK Web Focus blog, I can’t recall all of the things I have written about! As the built-in search engine for the blog isn’t great  I am wondering whether I should be making use of some additional tool in order to find content on my blog.  I guess my problem isn’t ‘discovery to delivery’ but discovery of content which is already available at a known location.  Any suggestions?

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