It was on Tony Hirst’s OUseful blog that I first noticed the Tweetmeme icon. This service provides an indication of the number of tweets (and retweets) to your blog (or Web site).

Tweetmeme iconAs can be seen in the accompanying image from the sidebar on this blog, this week there appear to have been 69 tweets which include a link to the blog. Clicking on the image takes me to the Tweetmeme Web site which provides more detailed statistics on Twitter posts which contain links to the UK Web focus blog.

Looking at the statistics over the past week I find that there have been 31 tweets containing links to the post on Lessons From Twitter Spam and 30 tweets to the post on “I Want To Use Twitter For My Conference”.

Summary of tweets linking to this blog Clicking on the image allows me to view additional information gathered by the service. As can be seen information is provided on the content of the tweets which contain links to the post.

Additional information provided includes a histogram of the number of recent tweets – however as this only covers the last 24 hours, in the example shown there have been no tweets included.

The Relationship Between Twitter and Your Blog

After I launched this blog I encouraged readers with an interest in the content of the blog to subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, as this can be an effective way of keeping up to date with blog posts. I did appreciate that not everyone would be likely to make use of an RSS reader – and, indeed, I also provided details on how to subscribe to this blog via an email subscription. And just as I was surprised by the popularity of the email subscription to the blog (and, coincidentally, last week I met someone on the train who told me they received regular email messages containing the content of my blog post) so I think we are finding that Twitter is an important provider of traffic to blog posts – something I hadn’t expected.

My question, therefore, is for a blog which has an important dissemination role, can the blog survive without Twitter? Or if the word ‘survive’ is felt to be too strong, perhaps I should ask ‘Can your blog thrive without considering how Twitter can help to enhance the traffic to your content?’

Twitter conversation from Topsy: [View]