Handbook CoverLast year I received an invitation to contribute to an e-learning handbook which was being produced by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. My contribution focussed on best practices for making use of Web-based slide hosting services such as Slideshare.  I’m pleased to say that the handbook, the STRIDE Handbook 8 on E-Learning, is now available online.

When I saw the published document I was very interested to see that contributions had also been made by well-known e-learning luminaries such as Stephen Downes (on Blogs in Learning) and Terry Anderson (on Social Networking) ; Andy Ramsden, head of the e-learning Unit at the University of Bath was also a contributor on Using Micro-blogging (Twitter) in Teaching and Learning.

The handbook is available as a PDF resource (for the entire handbook or the individual sections).  It should also be noted that the copyright for the handbook belongs to the individual contributors – and I intend to repurpose my work as a resource with a Creative Commons licence.