Across the international repository community Dorothea Salo established a reputation for her Caveat Lector blog which ran from 2002–2009.  On her current  The Book of Trogool blog Dorothea now describes herself as “an academic librarian exploring the practices, processes, and praxis of e-research“.

As mentioned in a recent post on her blog entitled “Hello from Scotland!” Dorothea, who works at the University of Wisconsin, is currently in the UK. At the start of the week Dorothea spoke at the UKSG conference in Edinburgh where she gave a plenary talk on “Who Owns Our Data?“.

On Monday morning (19 April 2010) Dorothea will be speaking at a UKOLN seminar which will be held at the University of Bath.  The title of the seminar is “Grab a bucket – it’s raining data!” and the abstract is given below:

From a distance, the coming-together of libraries and research data looks like a match made in heaven. Libraries need the attention and support of scientists, and libraries offer digital services and portals that should accommodate the preservation and dissemination needs of data.

When we look a little closer, however, we find a lot of impedance mismatches between what data need and what libraries have on offer. This talk will explore those mismatches and suggest ways forward.

The seminar will take place from 09.30-12.00 in the Library seminar room 3E 3.8 on the University of Bath campus.  If you would like to attend please sign up on the Eventbrite booking form.