When we heard the news that  “George Osborne unveils £6.25bn spending cuts” we also learnt that “Ministers will be expected to walk or take public transport where possible“. Such austerity measures  will apply to the rest of us too.  But what IT services can we use in order to help us to save money?

Something I’ve been doing for a couple of years is to use services such as Laterooms to get discounts on room rates when I am staying away from home. I started doing this a couple of years ago while I was on holiday in Malaysia and now fairly regularly use the service to book hotels when I’m away on business.

I recently looked at details of my hotel bookings over the past six months or so.  A selection of the hotels I’ve used over that period (including some of holiday bookings)  is shown below.

Savings from use of Laterooms,com

It’s pleasing to see the significant amount of savings that have been made.  I do wonder whether we will be asked not only to make savings but also to provide evidence of the savings which have been made (just as last year I suggested that it might be useful to keep a record of the carbon cost of business trips in order to be able to demonstrate reductions over time).  But what other approaches can we take in order to save money whilst still maintaining the level of our services?