Recently I described the One-Minute Madness session which will be held at Evidence, Value and Impact: the LIS Research Landscape in 2010. I have now decided on the title of my talk for the conference: in 60 seconds I will argue that Twitter is An Essential Tool for the Information Professional.

Here’s what I intend to say:

Twitter is now an essential tool for today’s information professional. The evidence shows that in some areas recommendation using social media services, such as Twitter, is overtaking Google in driving traffic.

I myself use which shows that tweets are now delivering significant traffic to my blog – or look at the viral effect Twitter provided for the recent CILIP1 campaign.

Twitter provides many of the benefits which we expected from RSS – but allows users to respond and discuss the ideas.

Twitter is valuable when time is at a premium. No time to read through all of those lengthy posts on LIS-LINK? Well order topamax online canada then develop your professional network using Twitter and find yourself receiving well-targetted resources and pithy summaries – and serendipitous benefits in receiving the unexpected.

And you can do this on the bus or the train travelling to work (although use when driving is not recommended!)

Twitter: clearly an essential tool for the information professional: the evidence demonstrates its value – but librarians need to embrace it in order to maximise the impact it can provide.

Hmm – is that too much content for 60 seconds? Here’s my first attempt (MP3 audio file) with the text slightly modified).

So this is about a 1 minute argument on the benefits of Twitter for information professionals.  Clearly the issues are more complex than can be given in this short period of time.  But, allowing for that, would you agree or disagree with the basic premise that, slightly more nuanced, Twitter can provide a valuable tool which can support the activities for many information professionals?